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Normand Hebert

As Directory of Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry at SGX (subsequently acquired by Eli Lilly) I chose the Kelaroo Reagent Management System (KRMS) to serve the diverse requirements for chemical reagent management, mining and procurement. The KRMS product fulfilled all our needs. It was trouble free, extremely reliable and easy to use. It provided an easy way to perform complex data mining tasks as well as a simple and very effective way to manage stockroom inventory and vendor catalogs of commercial reagents. EH&S and MSDS management was also covered extremely well. One of the many great features is that it is vendor neutral so you can essentially pick your favorite chemical data cartridge and even specify which chemical editor you want to use. Also being web based, client deployment and access was easy and chemists used the system directly from their bench or from their office. As a result of this and the systems ease of use I found compliance to be very good. Kelaroo provided great service, support and expertise which made the transition from our existing system smooth. I would recommend this system and Kelaroo to any size organization without reservation.

SGX Normand Hebert

For the past 5 years, the Kelaroo Reagent Management System has proven to be an absolute asset at GNF.  The KRMS has been integral in streamlining our in-house chemical container redistribution process.  It allows us to search simultaneously for all in-house chemical containers and those available through vendors.  The KRMS allows our entire library of over 65,000 containers to be managed and organized by one individual.   The KRMS provided us the necessary tools to conform to our stringent EH&S guidelines and offers various reporting features to help maintain a high level of safety within each control zone.  In addition to its well-structured platform, Kelaroo provides friendly customer support with fast response times and reliable solutions. The KRMS really is a one stop shop for all chemical reagent needs.

GNF Sean
Michael Hanley, Ph.D

Kelaroo’s contributions to our research efforts have been substantial by providing innovative software systems used by our research staff and scientists. It is a pleasure to work with Kelaroo and for the scientists to use the software they provide.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Michael Hanley, Ph.D
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