Professional Services

Although we now offer a number of commercial software solutions we actually started as a pure professional services provider to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical community. Kelaroo is uniquely qualified to provide a full range of consulting and custom software development services to the life sciences industry. Kelaroo has a cumulative 30 years of software development, management and integration experience that is specialized for the life sciences research industry. Our range of domain expertise is hard to beat!  We can definitely provide your company with a competitive edge when it comes to producing custom software applications and solutions.

In addition to our commercial software solutions we have developed highly valued customized solutions for many satisfied customers that encompass compound registration (chemical and biological), reaction databases, virtual library enumeration systems, sample handling robotics and automation, bioinformatics, genome mining, assay data management and machine learning. Many of these systems are in use globally by our customers. Simply stated, if you can describe a novel application, we can develop it for you quickly and professionally.

Our expertise also encompasses all aspects of database and infrastructure management, deployment and maintenance. This allows us to fully support all solutions we build and provides small companies with the expertise required to get a complete set of solutions enabled quickly and efficiently.

A free consultation with one of our experts will quickly provide you with an appreciation for our depth of knowledge, capabilities and insight. We guarantee that following a conversation you will leave with a sense of confidence that you have found a trusted and expert resource and possibly get some new ideas and perspectives as well! We are definitely a team with a difference and we are committed to continuing to provide the most innovative and affordable custom solutions and services to the life science industry.