Sequence Recognition


Kelaroo Sequence Recognition Technology (SeqR)™


There exists a wealth of informative sequence data in the public domain and within the databases of companies like yours. This data contains the keys to elucidating the structural determinants of many properties relevant to biologics. What could your scientists do if provided a window into the structural basis for desirable sequence properties such as efficacy, selectivity, solubility, synthesizability and stability? What about detecting and mitigating undesirable properties such as aggregation, antigenicity, and any others where sequence data is available?

Kelaroo’s sequence recognition technology applies machine learning methods to public and proprietary sequence data, generating models with powerful sequence profiling abilities that are ideal for genome mining, sequence optimization and SAR analysis. High quality predictive SeqR™ models can yield hit rate enrichment and improved physiochemical properties such as reduced aggregation. Best of all, SeqR™ models can be retrained using newly acquired activity data, thereby learning and improving as they are used.

Evaluating SeqR™ is simple


Let Kelaroo demonstrate the power and potential of SeqR™ by applying our public models (i.e., those trained using public data) to characterize a few sequences of particular interest to you. This will illustrate the powerful and intuitive characteristics of SeqR™.

Next, as a low cost feasibility study, we can work with you to build a SeqR™ model of practical importance to your company using public and/or proprietary data. This helps demonstrate how practical and effective SeqR™ can be in exploiting opportunities and mitigating risks specific to your area of product development.

Following the successful conclusion of a feasibility study, you can license SeqR™ for internal use by scientists throughout your organization. Kelaroo also provides consulting services to assist you in creating models of greatest value to your company and in applying those models to your genome mining and sequence optimization programs.

Please contact us for more information about conducting a low cost SeqR™ feasibility study.