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Kelaroo Reagent Management System



he Kelaroo Reagent Management System simplifies and streamlines reagent inventory management, procurement, and order fulfillment. Our system takes all of the different processes pertaining to reagent management and condenses them into an interface that is powerful, yet easy to use. Features include one-click ordering (or internal requests) of reagents, complete adaptability to your specific needs, and seamless integration with your existing chemical search software and chemical editors.

Chemical intelligence is ubiquitous throughout the KRMS and extends to all features of the software. In addition, we designed it to be platform agnostic, such that it will function with your particular chemical search software or chemical editors.

Our System is scalable and adaptable. It can be used by small operations with just a few users, large corporations with thousands of simultaneous users, and anything in between. There are many features that may appeal to small user sets, and others which may appeal to large corporations. With the KRMS you decide which functions of the system are important to your organization. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to reagent management, and the KRMS is easily customized to suit your specific organizational needs.

Our system has been through several iterations to get to its current release, and we have continually upgraded it based on suggestions and feedback from our clients. With the KRMS you are getting an enterprise level sophisticated software application that will save you time and money. It was built and refined from real world usage in companies just like yours. Please contact us if you would like more information, or to set up a more detailed demonstration of the product.

Below is a short walkthrough of the product that will highlight some of the many system features.

Product Features

  • Chemically Aware
  • Upload an SDfile, perform a chemical search, use your preferred chemical editor and more all within the application

  • Scalable
  • Whether you have two users or twenty thousand, the KRMS will suit your needs

  • Seamless Integration
  • Works with your existing chemical search software and chemical editors

  • EH&S Compliance
  • Integrated EH&S alerts, warnings, and compliance (see video)

  • Adaptable
  • Quickly customize the KRMS to meet your specific requirements

  • Inventory Management
  • Request, receive, and track reagents and chemicals throughout your organization and beyond

The Kelaroo Reagent Management System -  <em><strong>Simplifying</strong></em> and<em><strong> Streamlining</strong></em> your Chemical Reagent Inventory
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